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Initially launched to provide injured union workers with an on air destination to get educated on their legal rights upon getting injured on the job, The Lawyer2Lawyer Network has evolved to become a network of premier lawyers and firms dedicated to utilizing the media platform of Talk Radio broadcasting to:

Lawyer2Lawyer broadcasts have featured over 300 area lawyers in a plethora of legal specialties since inception in 2016.

Voices of Justice

The Broadcasts

American Justice Radio Network


Pain & Wellness Hour w/Sonny Banks


Legal Eagles w/Sam Pond


The Files Law Hour (New)


Advocacy United

In conjunction with Talk Radio Philly, PhillyLabor.com, The Lawyer2Lawyer Network and Non-Profit 501c3, Advocacy United, the Sparking the Dream Initiative utilizes the media platform of talk radio to provide aspiring students from underserved and under-resourced communities with the opportunity to attend, appear and participate in exclusive on-air broadcasts and network with top attorneys and professionals as part of THE ULTIMATE CAREER DAY EXPERIENCE!

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